Starting Lent

We are now two weeks into Greek Orthodox Church’s Lent that started on the 27th of February (a Monday).

Diane said to me a couple of days before the Greek Orthodox Lent started that she wanted a bit of a sexy fun during the period up to Easter. I promised I would give her answer by Sunday.

As usual we went to the pub on Saturday for a meal with Diane making the walk wearing just a pair of shoes until we got to the gate just by the pub. On entering the pub I was pleased to find Simon and Gemma who we had not seen for many months.

We chatted for a while before Gemma said. “Since last year and your introducing us to some of your kinky activities, we have experimented a lot. Most of what we did has been fun, but there were a few things that did nothing for us. Overall we have a lot to thank you for.”

Diane smiled. “Well, you were a little inhibited when you made that initial comment last year. However I am pleased we have been able to help.”

The chat continued with them being much more open than last year about their likes and dislikes. Simon even revealed, “Gemma is now quite the show off of her body, so much so that she has taken to wandering about the house naked most of the time. The funniest was when she, whilst naked, opened the door to her parents who had popped around unannounced. They were astonished and asked about it. Gemma did not tell all, but somehow her parents have started to be far less prudish than they were.”

We all carried on talking until Diane and Gemma went to the ladies. I turned to Simon, “I have a sexy fun idea for Diane starting Monday and lasting until Easter, which I think might be fun for Gemma too. Do you think that she would be up for it?”

“Let’s ask her.”

When Gemma and Diane returned I noticed Gemma hand something to Simon, who looked at it and raised an eyebrow. He thanked her before continuing “Gemma, are you up for some fun for a few weeks?”

“Maybe. I won’t answer until I’ve heard what it is.”

I answered. “Well, unless you agree to it now, I won’t reveal it to you all. All I will say it is sexy fun. There won’t be anything that will cause you any problems from what you have said so far tonight.”

Gemma paused for a moment, “What the hell, I have had more and better sex this last year than ever before. I’ll go for it.”

“Great. The principle is simple. Lent is about giving up something. In your and Diane’s case this involves giving up control of what you wear until Easter. The basics is that the two of you will be allowed a set number of things you can wear each day whilst at work and one item less outside of work. You are allowed a watch, your collar, your engagement ring, your wedding ring, any bars or rings in piercings (other than the ears) and a pair of shoes. These items do not count towards your total for the day.”

Gemma smiled “Well that does not sound too bad.”

I continued. “The catch is that on some days you will only be allowed one item. Effectively it means except when in the office, and getting to and from your car at the office, you are totally naked all day. Should you exceed the permitted number of items there will be punishments such as being in a chastity belt for a set number of days.”

We all worked out what the punishments would be ensuring that they would be sufficient to deter any breaches of the rules.

The rules were simple:-
The number of items they could wear are to be listed and sent to Simon in the morning.
An item can be a piece of clothing, perfume, an item of jewellery (a pair of earings is one item), make up or a band for a pony tail.
A pair of stockings is counted as two items, but tights are one.
A raincoat or anorak count towards the total but an umbrella does not.
If a change of clothes has occured then each item worn that day is counted.
Except when at work, one less item will be worn.
Checks will be made to ensure the correct number of items are being worn.
On Sundays the excess items for the week will be totalled up and for each excess item there is a punishment.

The punishments are:-
One excess item- the following Monday and Tuesday the number of items allowed is reduced by 2.
Two excess items- as above plus no orgasms for a calendar week.
Three excess items- as above plus a 5 bar gate caning on each bum cheek.
Four excess items- as above plus two weeks in a chastity belt (effectively 2 weeks with no orgasms).
Five or more excess items- as above plus a full punishment 24 stroke caning with the most severe cane owned.


On Monday morning when Diane and I left for work, I let her do the driving. All she was wearing were her rings, the necklace that is her collar, a pair of shoes and her watch. Once at the car park outside the office I enjoyed watching her struggle to put on the dress she brought with her. Once out of the car she straightened it out and calmly walked into the offices.

Later at the regular Monday meeting with Dee and Zack, Dee commented “Diane, what is up with your lack of make up?”

“Simple until Easter, in the office I am allowed to wear a specified number of items other than my rings, my collar, a pair of shoes and my watch. Once I am out of the office, one item less is permitted. Today the number is one item, so all I’m wearing is a dress and that was off when I drove in and will come off before I leave the car park.”

“So you are bra less and going commando.”

“That’s right.”

Zack piped in saying “Can we join in too?”

I replied. “Of course, I will send you the rules and the punishments.”

Zack turned to Dee saying “Tomorrow you will start with just 1 item, and then we will follow the same schedule as Diane.”

Dee frowned. “I expect I’m going be in trouble at times.”

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to Starting Lent

  1. Now this sounds like MY kind of FUN !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. lapsedcatholicwife says:

    What wonderful fun, I can imaging the struggling though to put on a dress for work in a car park, Holy Moses

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