First Weekend of Lent

We are in Lent, Diane, Dee and Gemma are all taking part in the sexy fun of “giving up control” of the number of clothing items they can wear.

On the first Saturday evening after starting the process we went to the pub as we usually do. That day the number of items of clothing allowed was one. Gemma and Simon were there.

Gemma was there in a dress and was clearly braless. We joined them and our friends James and Petra soon arrived. After the introductions had been made, Gemma blushed as Petra made some comment about the minimal clothing arrangements for her and Diane.

Diane saw this and said “Gemma, don’t worry, James and Petra are just as adventurous as Charles and I. She has even taken part in some of the parties that we go to.”

Diane continued “Petra, it is easy to explain, Gemma and I have agreed to some sexy fun until Easter. We are only allowed to wear a set number of items each day. The number changes daily, and on workdays before we get to and after work the count goes down by one. So on Monday I drove to and from work in my birthday suit and only wore a dress all day. When Zack heard about it, he decided that Dee would join in the fun. Dee was not best pleased.”

Petra giggled as she knows Dee quite well. Liz and Andrew walked in as she said “that sounds like fun.”

Liz ears pricked up “What sounds like fun?”

Diane repeated the explanation. Liz listened and though for a moment.

Liz being the main dominant in her relationship with Andrew asked me “Do you think we could do something similar for Andrew?”

“I don’t see why not. The main difference is he will be expected to wear trousers and a shirt at work as well as socks.”

“I know, I will have a minimum number of three and otherwise it is the same as that you have for Diane, and allow socks on workdays as a standard item.”

James then said “Petra, how about you joining in the fun from tomorrow too?”

The way the question was asked meant that Petra had no option other than to agree.

Gemma then asked Diane “How have you done this week?”

“I have managed to follow the numbers easily.”

“Unfortunately I went over by one item yesterday so it is a repeat of last Monday for me and Tuesday just 2 items.”

The rest of the evening went well. As we walked home Diane said “This crazy idea of yours seems to have become rather popular. I never expected that James would make Petra take part. However the idea of Andrew being involved had never crossed my mind.”

On the Sunday morning Diane decided that she was going to be naked all day long without wearing the two items allowed for the day. Over breakfast she asked “Please play with me as much as you want today.”

I considered her request before saying “If I do, are you prepared to accept the consequences?”

“What do you mean?”

“If I make you wear your cuffs that would take you over the two items allowed today.”

“Umm that sounds downright unfair.”

I thought for a moment before I picked up the phone and rang Simon. I asked him “I have a dilemma about the rules of our fun, If Diane has to wear cuffs as part of some play, does that count towards the item count for the day.”

“Definitely yes.”


I told Diane the answer given. She suggested “Well you could play with me without my having to break the rules.  For instance you could keep me on edge for as long as you like.”

“No I have a better idea. If you really want to play it will be very tough and failures could be very painful and uncomfortable tomorrow.”

“I will risk it to play.”

“You are now going to insert the extra large ben wa balls and wear your pussy lock until you get up in the morning. Those count as your two items for the day. What you won’t like is that you aren’t allowed an orgasm without permission, which will be given very sparingly. Each orgasm without permission earn their own five bar gate on each cheek tomorrow morning. So three orgasms would mean three of them.”

“Good, go and get yourself ready.”

She did, and when she returned I teased her to the edge of an orgasm with her pleading to have permission to cum. After about an hour of this I stopped and locked her pussy up.

I let her calm down before announcing “It is time we got on with our plans for the day.”

Before we went outside I liberally covered her in sunscreen taking special care to play with her nipples ensuring that they were nice and hard and reigniting her arousal. When I finished I gave her a play slap on the bum before adding “You better go and get what we need to cut back the trees at the end of the garden.”

As she made her way to the trees I watched with delight as she clearly showed that the balls were churning away inside her as she pushed the wheelbarrow along the path.

She was fully aroused and I could see some juices had leaked from her pussy. I teased her “Are you all hot and bothered?”

“Of course, I am so ready, but I am not going to cum without your permission.”


It did not take as long as we expected to cut back he trees. I had her make about twenty trips to the bonfire heap with all the branches and cuttings and Diane was a totally aroused wreck by the time we finished.

Once back inside she offered a blow job on condition that she could have an orgasm afterwards. I agreed as the sight of her in her arousal was a great turn on and I love it when she uses her talented mouth.

Wicked Wednesday

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