A Walk

We continue with Diane’s Lent journey.

The week went by quickly. As usual we went to the pub on the Saturday evening. Gemma and Petra were already there with James and Simon when we arrived. The three women soon found out how they had done that week. Diane and Petra had both managed a penalty free week, whereas Gemma had managed to incur a level three punishment.

Liz came in with Andrew as Simon asked me “Can we come over tomorrow so that you or Diane can administer the 5 bar gates to Gemma. I am reluctant to do it as I am not yet very accurate with the cane?”

Liz immediately said “why not come to our house as Andrew has earned that punishment as well.”

Gemma looked a little worried when Simon agreed. Liz saw this “Don’t worry, you will get the required punishment but it won’t be as bad as Andrew’s.”

She continued, “He really made me suffer last weekend and it was not very pleasant at work sitting at the desk on Monday and Tuesday.”


The Sunday turned out to a glorious sunny day. I suggested to Diane we went for a good walk. She agreed knowing that she would only be allowed 5 items. I got out her hiking boots. She realised then that her socks would reduce her clothing to 3 items. I smiled as I handed her a fat, but not very long dildo, a butt plug and her pussy lock. “These three can count as one item, so pick your other 2 items carefully. And don’t forget if you take something off, putting it back on is counted towards your allowance or is an excess item.”

She pouted a little before she went to get a pretty dress. When she came back she said “well I have one item left, where are we going?”

“I thought we could go to the New Forest and explore one or two of the plantations.”

“Sounds good.”

She picked up a light anorak and we drove off to enjoy our day out. As she sat down in the car she squeaked as the dildo moved around a little. “God it feels really large inside me. But it also feels good too.”

We arrived at the car parking area near one of the plantations and were surprised to find it was nearly empty. I picked up the rucksack containing our lunch and plenty of fluids. We set off and as she started walking Diane started to get a little red in the face. “That dildo is really doing a number inside me. It keeps knocking the plug and then my G spot.”

With a grin I said “ahh the wonders of a nice walk in the forest.”

She said nothing and we carried on walking along one of the trails, seeing no one. As we stopped for Lunch she mused “I wonder what people would say if they knew the torturous walk I am having.”

“Probably they would be envious as so many people are so vanilla.”

“I know, maybe I should take off my dress and get back to nature as we make our way back to the car.”

“That sounds a little daring, even for you. I wouldn’t mind, but if there are some kids around it may not be that sensible an idea.”

“That’s easy if we see anyone we can easily get into the woods and be relatively well hidden.”

I thought about this quickly before saying “If that is what you want.”

She immediately took off her dress before I could add “but we won’t be in the woods much, so you’ve taken your dress off for no reason.”

“Don’t be so hasty, I can still put it back on and be within the limit.”

I smiled as she got up and went to the toilet behind a small thicket. We continued our walk. Shortly after the restart we left the wooded area and were out in the heathland. There were quite a few fairly large thick clumps of heather and gorse that would hide Diane’s nudity if needed. About half way back to the car we saw a couple approaching us in the distance and Diane soon made her way behind a large clump of Gorse.

I exchanged greetings with the couple who then asked “We thought there were 2 of you.”

“Yes there are, but my wife needed to go.”

They continued the chat until it was clear that they wouldn’t move on until Diane re-appeared. She eventually came out from behind the gorse and the couple were a little aghast to find that she was naked. They blushed and said nothing as they continued quickly on their way.

Diane was amused by their reactions. “Oh well, that is another couple who will think we are crazy.”

It took us another hour to reach the car. We did not meet any other walkers on the way so Diane was able to soak up the sunshine as we enjoyed the scenery and her getting back to nature.

Once back at the car I handed her the dress and lowered the top. She flung the dress in the boot along with our rucksack. “I’m going to stay like this all the way home.”

I smiled “Even when we stop for petrol on the way?”

“Yes, I won’t need to get out.”

About half way home, on the motorway, she said “I’m desperate for a pee.”

I laughed saying “Fine we will stop at the services in a few miles.”

“Not there, can’t we leave the motorway and go on the back roads, stopping at a lay by.”

I thought for a moment. “Yes, we can do that.”

Once off the motorway, the first lay by we came to was in open countryside with no cover but full of cars. The next one was smaller and was empty. It too had no cover and I pulled in. “There you are, time for you to do your business.”

She got out and was in the middle of doing her business as another car pulled in behind us. She quickly finished up, and got back in. “Oh god, that was embarrassing.”

“Your decision to strip off, so I have no sympathy.”

She playfully hit me on the arm as we set off home.

Wicked Wednesday



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  1. Oh gosh that sounds SO exciting. Loved it !!!
    Xxx – K

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