Egg Hunt

Lent progressed with no extra penalties being incurred by Diane, Gemma, Petra, Dee and Andrew.

Diane and I agreed that we would host those who took part in the Lent challenge for an Easter egg hunt with a difference on the Sunday. We were delighted when everyone agreed to join in the fun. The fun started in the morning as they came to us as we specified that there was to be no clothing, except a collar, wrist and ankle cuffs worn in the cars on the way to and from our home.

Gemma, being the tallest, was a little put out as this meant her charms were likely to be the most visible. They all came as instructed.

Liz and Andrew were the first to arrive and I was surprised to see Liz wearing a collar and cuffs. She said “I allow Andrew one switch day a month and he has decided that today is April’s switch day.”

As everyone gathered there was a little banter between us all, with a couple of side bets being introduced. Diane managed to agree with Liz that the loser of their bet could add six of the best using a senior cane from the winner to their accumulated fun later.

Once everyone was assembled I explained “You ladies will all have a vibrator in your pussy and your ankles cuffs will be connected by a snap link and your wrists secured behind your back. There are eight eggs of six different colours hidden around the garden. The five of you are required to collect one egg of each colour and as you collect it, return here with it before you collect the next one. The blue eggs represent an implement, the green a position, the red a number of strokes, the yellow a multiplier, the white the severity of the strokes and finally the brown eggs are who administers the strokes. As there are only five of three of these are the spanking machine.”

I continued, “Be warned that most, but not all, of the eggs nearest the house contain higher numbers or more severe implements. So be careful in your selections. There is no time limit, but the longer you take.  After Lunch you will all be put into some form of bondage for an hour before we administer your strokes. The first to collect their eggs will be in the lightest bondage and the last the most severe. Time starts now.”

The ladies shuffled their way around the garden hunting for the eggs. Diane was the first to return with a blue egg. She then went much further away to collect her next egg which was a yellow one. Each of the women shuffled around the garden seeking the eggs, some of which were in plain view and others were well hidden. The sight of the women shuffling about with the short steps made for entertaining movements. At one stage Liz was bunny hopping making her breasts bounce a lot, however she found this very wearing and soon resorted back to shuffling around.

Gemma was the first to collect the six eggs, followed closely by Petra. Liz came in third with Diane fourth and Dee last.

When they had finished the egg hunt, we enjoyed the barbecued lamb and shrimps, salad and dessert that Diane had prepared. We allowed the meal to settle before I said it was time for the bondage to start. Dee was the first to be tied up, in a very strict hogtie. Diane was put in a ball tie, Liz a post tie, Petra in a chair tie and Gemma just in a simple box tie.

Once their time was up, we released them and enjoyed a light tea before we went to the play room to open the eggs. Dee being the first to find out her fate. She had selected the scorpion being administered by the spanking machine in the diaper position. The number of strokes was 6 multiplied by five at the punishment setting.

De was settled into position and as the first stroke landed at sweet spot where her thighs met her upturned ass she squealed. This continued for the remaining 29 strokes. By the time her ordeal was over her bum was a mass of little red welts and she was in tears. She was released and was immediately given a big hug from Zack and he continued to hold her until she had recovered.

It was Diane’s turn next. Her selection was the junior cane administered by James. However to his dismay Diane had selected the only egg had that zero as the number of strokes and therefore the multiplier and severity were irrelevant. Liz immediately said, “That does not get you out of our bet, so I am going to administer six of the best on your pristine ass. Please bend over, clutch your ankles.”

Diane did as asked and Liz picked up the senior cane, swished it a couple of times, laid it gently on her bum before raising her arm. She delivered a hard stroke with an extra flick of the wrist which intensified the stroke. Diane yelped loudly. She did not get out of position and Liz landed the second stroke that shortly after landing produced a louder yelp from Diane. The next three strokes were laid down with equal strength landing about a centimetre below the previous one. The final stroke landed just at the crease where her bum met her thighs. She squealed in agony a moment after it landed before breaking her position, clutching her now very sore, welted ass. Her eyes were red and she was very close to tears.

Liz was the next to learn her fate. She had collected the blue egg that contained the 4 cane bundle. The severity was at medium and her stroke count was three multiplied by two whilst bent over the horse. Liz was very red faced when she found it was her name selected to administer it. It was agreed that as Liz was the sub (unknown to me as I prepared the eggs), Andrew would undertake the caning.

She was secured on the bench as Andrew had a few practice swings to get a feel for the implement. Andrew landed the first stroke which I considered to be light. Liz on the other hand screamed “Christ that was hard.”

I just replied “No, was what I would consider a light stroke.”

Andrew landed the next five strokes at the same strength. Liz was in tears as she was released and given the necessary aftercare.

Petra was lucky as the yellow egg had a zero multiplier which meant that she did not have any attention to her bum.

Gemma was the last to learn her fate. She had selected 6 hard strokes, multiplied by 2 of the heavy leather flogger administered by the machine whilst she was bent over the back of a chair.

Gemma quickly leant over the chair to display a pet, taught ass. The machine did its work and as each stroke landed there was a loud sigh from Gemma. She stayed in position as each stroke landed. Once her stroke count had been completed she had a bright smile on her face to show how she had enjoyed the flogger.

Wicked Wednesday

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