At an Exhibition

Julian arrived a couple of minutes early on the Friday afternoon and was dressed smartly which made Diane and I look at each other with a quizzical look. There had been a slight change of plans in that Olivia would go shopping with Fiona and then they would go directly to London.

On the train into London we talked. I explained to Julian “The weekend starts now. We expect you to follow all the instructions you are given by any of us and especially Olivia. Tomorrow and Sunday she will be shown how to do certain things and will be practising on you. Any sexual contact will only be between you and Olivia. Any direct physical contact between any of us and you will be kept to an absolute minimum. You will find it completely different to your normal weekend.”

Diane then said “We will be ensuring that in the next few weeks that you make up to Olivia, in a very special way, the disruption to your lives because of your use of the drone that weekend. Tonight we will be showing the reasons that we were deeply upset with your actions and you also realise why we tool the legal action that we had to take. Also tonight Olivia may well give you a surprise at some stage.”

In London, we got on the Underground to Bond Street Station and when we walked around the corner to the street on which the gallery stood we were astonished to see a large gathering of photographers. Julian was a little reluctant to carry on until I said “Don’t worry about them, they won’t be interested as you are not well known. They may be interested in Diane due to her job.”

There were a few photographs taken of Diane as we entered the gallery. We were greeted by the manager and all handed a glass of wine and invited to have a look around. Julian was speechless initially before saying “how come all these people I’ve seen on TV and in the magazines are here.”

I replied “Easy, Damien is a world renowned photographer of people. He has photographed many of them in various glamorous surroundings. Take for instance Dee,” I pointed her out “she was photographed nude in a very exclusive Italian hotel for Vogue magazine. Now I suggest you find Olivia and then together have a good look at all the photographs before finding us again.”

Julian looked around, saw Olivia and gasped. Diane quietly commented to me. “Wow, he looks gobsmacked and I can see why. Fiona has really worked some magic on her.”

Fiona said from behind us “I am glad you like it, lets hope he does.”

Diane said “You must have spent a fortune on it.”

“No, I was actually under budget before she decided to buy some extra lingerie. Her hair was the most expensive bit, taking three hours. It will be easy to maintain and a monthly visit to one of the big chains will be all that is needed.”

I could see many of the men looking appreciatively at Olivia while they spent plenty of time looking at all the photographs and we too had a good look at them. There were no prices on the few that were marked as being available for sale. The photographs of Diane taken in the special session at their home were stunning and although she was completely nude revealed nothing. Damien had told me that the best shot he got with her in the throes of her orgasm was too revealing of her face so he has kept it back.

The photos of Diane on her own at Studland beach were really good but the exceptional ones were those of her and Fiona sat together with just a cloth covering their genital areas. They were both wearing masks and unless you were intimately aware of them it would have been difficult to identify them.

When Julian and Olivia joined us she said “I can’t believe this, I keep spotting people I have read about or seen on TV. Even some have come and said hello. And these photographs are incredible, so expressive and even sexy although they are showing nothing other than some tits when in the sandy area. Even Damien has asked me to consider posing for him, and I am seriously thinking of doing so after my makeover today.”

Julian said nothing initially, but his smile clearly showed he approved of the makeover. Finally he said “Well its your choice.”

He then turned to Diane, “I can see that my drone shots were misleading as to what was going on. There is nothing inappropriate shown here, and from memory it would probably been you and Fiona making sure each other was perfect. I am very sorry about this.”

Diane said “thank you for that, you will need to apologise to Damien and Fiona when we are all together later.”

We separated for a while and Diane whispered to me “Have you noticed that he has a bulge in his trousers and he is giving her a lot more attention than last week.”

“No to both, but as this is just the start of the weekend I can’t wait to see what happens.”

We enjoyed some people watching until our neighbours, Mark and Zoe, came over and she said “Wow what a sexy set of photographs of you Diane. Who is that young couple, with the stunning looking girl, that you were talking to earlier.”

Diane replied “The guy is the one who took the drone photos that caused the problems a few weeks ago. They are staying with us for the weekend so that he can be appropriately punished. The first part seems to have worked as she was very plain looking this morning.”

Shortly after Damien came over saying “Once again the owner has asked us to have dinner. I have explained about Julian and Olivia and they have been invited too.”

We found Julian and Olivia and told them about the dinner and that it would be about half an hour or so before we left.

Once we had joined up, Dee, who owns the gallery, said to Julian and Olivia, “I’ve heard how you come to be with Charles and Diane, I hope that you learn from it. I know that Julian may find it a bit dis-concerting and maybe uncomfortable at first, but you Olivia will learn all sorts of new skills that will keep him interested.”

They looked at me before I said “We are all very good friends and Dee is Diane and my boss for just the next few weeks. We, Dee and her late husband together with a group of like minded friends have often got together for weekends and holidays. You will find out about how we all relax over the weekend.”

Dinner went well and Damien said that “everything is sold, but the prices are unknown as there is a tremendous amount of interest, and this is reflected in the offers made before it closes on Monday. To give you an idea, the picture of you and Fiona sat together was set at a minimum of one grand, but it is already at about 4 grand and will probably rise further.”

After dinner we all made our way to our home. On the train Diane announced “the real weekend starts tomorrow morning. The first rule is that from when we wake up until Sunday night except when we go out for a meal, everyone is naked. Julian you will have to put on the cuffs that are on your bed. The second rule is that Julian is answerable to all of us, be we are not answerable to him. Thirdly you will be required to address Damien and Charles as Sir, I am Madam or Miss and Oliva is Mistress. This form of address must be included any time you speak to us. Failure to use the correct form of address will be added to your final punishment on Sunday. Finally, Julian, if you have a medical problem such as restricted breathing, cramp or similar say the word RED. We will stop to find out what the problem is and make appropriate adjustments. It is not to be used under any other circumstances.”

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2 Responses to At an Exhibition

  1. I look forward to read more about the punishment. Would also have loved to see some of those pictures in the gallery 🙂
    ~ Marie

  2. thelongbean says:

    Thanks Marie,

    The pictures would have to be drawings as the story is pure fiction…….

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