Julian’s torments part 1

As stated on the train back from London we were all naked on Saturday morning. Julian was particularly nervous and Olivia a little shy.

We all went to the playroom which our guests had not seen before. Julian shuddered and Olivia looked terrified. Diane said “Olivia don’t be afraid, you will not experience being restrained on any of this equipment. You may, on the other hand, be restraining Julian on some of it. Now let’s get him in a nice awkward predicament whilst you are shown how to use some impact toys.”

“That sounds that it could be fun.”

Julian was guided so that he was in just the right place to be secured in a standing spreadeagle with a difference. I handed Olivia a piece of leather which produced a puzzled look. “That is a parachute, nastier ones have spikes on the inside. You need to secure it at the top of his scrotum where it joins his cock. Be careful not to pinch the skin when wrapping it around and then using the poppers to secure it.”

She did as asked whilst his wrist cuffs were secured to a spreader bar and lifted out of the way. He also had a spreader bar secured to his ankles so they were about 30 inches apart. She was then handed a set of clover clamps. Diane said those need to be put on his nipples and he can hold the chain up with his mouth. I suggest you pinch and then pull them out a bit so they can be nice and secure. He hissed as each of the clamps was attached.

Fiona who was watching this said “The pain will be worse later, but Olivia will soothe you then.”

Once the clamps were on it was clear that he was finding the treatment arousing, as Olivia massaged his cock a little sighs of pleasure came. She then attached a string to the chain on the clamps The string was fed over a pulley and he was instructed to stand upright on tiptoe. I carefully attached about 8 ounces of weight, and held the weights off the floor. He was then told to stand with his feet flat on the floor. Diane had Olivia attach a short bungee cord to the ring under the parachute. Diane then using some strong string tied the other end of the bungee to the ring inset in the floor.

Diane then informed Julian “You will be standing here for a full 30 minutes. If you are on tip toe then your ball sack will be stretched, however if you tire and your feet lower you will be pulling on your nipples. Enjoy.”

I gently let the weights attached to his nipples down. He immediately went on to his tiptoes and realised that either his balls or nipples would be causing him pain. He wimpered a little.

We took Olivia over to another part of the playroom and had her start learning how to use a flogger and then a crop. Once we were happy with her technique on a mannequin I had her practice for real on Diane who was soon purring. I indicated she should use a harder stroke and a startled gasp from Diane showed that it was felt.

This training and practice had stopped just a few minutes before the timer rang out. I told Olivia the best way to alleviate the pain when releasing the nipple clamps. She followed my instruction with a lot of zeal.

We had a break with some coffee and talked through the scene. Julian commented. “I was in pain all the way through because of the predicament. But the sight of the three naked women was also arousing. Mistress Olivia’s scrumptious new look together with the movements you had her working on were making me rather horny.”

Damien said “As to Olivia’s new look, last night the number of people enquiring who she was startled me and all very positive.”

Fiona added “The makeover was a lot easier than I expected considering the basic figure was there. Olivia, you just keep looking like this and you will learn enjoy the attention.”

After the discussion it was time for the second session to begin. This time Olivia secured Julian to the St Andrew’s Cross. Olivia was instructed to start tickling him all over and he was soon howling with laughter and begging she stopped. She relented a little and asked for a feather which we produced. She used it in his ticklish places and causing all sorts of howls from him. She then started to use the feather to tease and he was soon begging for more intimate attention. She in a very stern manner said “No, I’ve waited a long time to do this sort of thing.”

She kept varying the intensity of the sensations until at least an hour had elapsed when she judged that he had had enough. The four of us who were watching nodded at each other as it was clear that she had got herself attuned to his body language.

Once he was released from his restraints they cuddled for a while as he recovered.

At the debrief Julian commented “It was just becoming unbearable when Mistress stopped, but it was a form of torture that I would not want very often.”

Olivia said “That is all well and good, but your erection suggested different.”

I then said that was it until after Lunch. However Olivia surprised us by asking Damien “Have you got your cameras and other equipment you will need to take some shots of me.”

“I have a couple of cameras and if we are outside we don’t need any lights.”

“Great, can you take some pictures of me today?”

“I will be delighted, but you must let me exhibit the best ones next time I have an exhibition.”

Olivia, without consulting Julian, said “Provided I’m happy with them I agree.”

Julian looked dumbstruck. Olivia then asked us “Can we move this afternoons activities outside?”

I replied “it will be no problem whatsoever.”

After lunch we went outside. Fiona and Diane instructed Olivia on how to attach a humbler with his wrists connected together behind his back. They then added to his discomfort by having him walk over to the big frame and from one of the winches and used it to raise his wrists in a strappado. Fiona explained about the dangers of too much pressure on the shoulders and of course the humbler did not allow him to bend at the waist as he might without it.

Olivia started to spank his ass gently before she was informed by Damien that he was ready. She then removed the humbler.

Initially her poses were a bit wooden, but with Fiona’s encouragement and help she started to relax and by the end they were extremely sensuous and even I started to show signs of arousal.

We left him in that position for about 30 minutes and then Olivia was given a break. She released Julian from the strappado and they both rested for a short while. Julian was next placed in a fairly strict hogtie on the grass in front of the frame. Olivia posed for more photographs and Damien spent quite a while making sure he got all the shots he wanted.

Finally Damien the photo session to an end. Julian was released and allowed to rest a little, but his wrists and ankles were loosely secured together. I brought out a sturdy chair, placed in front of the frame and had Olivia secure his wrists to the arms. Also his ankles were secured to the front legs and his torso tied to back of the chair.

Diane then announced “Olivia wants to experience a flogging, so here goes.”

She secured Olivia in a standing spreadeagle to the frame, started off with a normal flogger lightly flogging her ass and back. Olivia was soon purring with pleasure until a few hard strokes brought her back to reality with a little pain.

Diane then said “Time for lights out.”

She had Fiona secure a blindfold and changed floggers to the neoprene which does not mark and feels like a fly landing even when used with the strongest strokes the top can deliver. She started out on Olivia’s back land hard strokes, and moved on to her bum. It was not long before she was purring with pleasure. Julian noticed it and was looking a little bug eyed. Diane then switched to her front and the purring rose in intensity intermingled with moans of pleasure. In no time Olivia was ready for her pussy to feel the flogger. After just a few gentle strikes Olivia was screaming out in pleasure as a series of powerful orgasms hit. As she calmed down, she was slumped down and Diane and Fiona soon had her released and on Julian’s lap and his wrists were released and he could hold and cuddle her as she recovered.

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2 Responses to Julian’s torments part 1

  1. Olivia sounds like she’s a natural, and love that she did a photo shoot too 🙂
    ~ Marie

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