Julian’s still tormented

Continuing from last week

We let Olivia recover by sitting on Julian’s lap for a while before we went inside. Julian was informed that there would no further scenarios, but he still needed to be on his best behaviour. He politely asked what his count of misdemeanours was. I informed him that I was aware of just 17 failures, mainly in the form of address to the rest of us.

When it was nearing time to go to the pub I announced “We will need to leave for the pub shortly. As is our tradition here, all submissives need to walk nearly all the way just wearing footwear. So we should start to get ready.”

Olivia asked “why just the subs, why not all of us?”

Julian looked shocked as I replied “No reason, just tradition.”

“Blow that, I’m going nude like the subs.”

Damien and I quickly decided that all of us would go there nude. We all got together in individual bags the clothes that we would need in the pub. However Olivia went through Julian’s and removed the underwear saying “You’re going commando, just like me tonight.”

As we left for the pub, Diane and I took the lead and out of earshot of the others said “Olivia is really coming out of her shell, I hope Julian will cope.”

“He will once they settle down at home and we need to be available to them to help resolve any problems.”

We slowed down a little to let the others catch up and the rest of the fairly short walk was enjoyed by all. At the gate we all got dressed and Julian was allowed to remove his cuffs.

In the pub we found a suitable table in an area where we could talk with little likelihood of being overheard. We enjoyed a great meal. Olivia suggested to Julian that he should be careful about the volume of beer he consumed. I saw his friend Gerry with his wife Cheryl who was clearly very happy. I said “I see Gerry and Cheryl are here.”

Olivia waved them over much to Julian’s surprise. They were introduced to Damien and Fiona before Cheryl asked “how’s things going then?.”

Julian replied “Not too bad, just uncomfortable at times and I seem to be quite aroused most of the time.”

Cheryl laughed as Gerry said “Don’t I know, but persevere with it and it can work wonders as it did with us.”

Cheryl commented about Olivia’s new look and was told “That is all down to Fiona and a small outlay. We were in London at one of these big exhibition openings and a lot of people seemed to notice me.”

Damien added “Not just notice.”

Cheryl said to both of them “Just take on board what  you are shown and Julian, you need to follow up by doing what you are told for a while. I promise it will work out well for both of you, just as it did for the two of us.”

The rest of the evening went well as did the naked walk back.

Once we were at home Olivia asked Diane “Would it be safe to fufil one of my long held fantasies tonight, that is for the two of us to be lightly secured together?”

“Best not tonight as you both have had a little to drink and even light bondage, low quantities of alcohol and sleep can be dangerous. What you could do is get a lock box and do it yourselves next weekend at home. I will explain all tomorrow.”

Olivia nodded and I heard her telling Julian, “No funny business tonight, just sleep. You need to be well rested in the morning.”


The next morning Julian and Olivia were the last to appear. Once they had eaten I said to Julian, “now today is going to be tougher for you as you will be in some form of bondage until you leave us.

I handed Olivia a short chain (about 12 inches) and got her to secure Julian’s ankle cuffs together. He was told to make his way to the playroom and he soon got the hang of shuffling along hobbled into the playroom.

I showed Olivia how to secure him on to the spanking bench. We made sure he was comfortable before I got her to start spanking the prominent bum. She needed a bit of gentle instruction to make the spanks effective and giving the least discomfort to her. I noticed that she had done her home work as after a few spanks being landed she would caress his bum before starting in with harder strokes. By the time she finished his bum was a very rosy red colour.

Whilst being spanked, Julian was very quiet to begin with before he started to vocalise a bit and getting loader as the spanks got harder.

Olivia excused herself for a minute and was soon back holding a small leather paddle which still had its tag on it. She said “Julian I think it is time you were introduced to our new toy.”

She showed him the paddle and continued “I spent a little more than originally agreed, but with Fiona’s advice I got this, thinking we would both like it.”

She asked for advice on how to use it, and I suggested “start with light strokes and let them get harder until you are happy with his reactions.”

Olivia followed my suggestions and in just a few minutes she started to continue with strokes of about the same level for a while. When he was showing that he was nearing his limit she started to ease off before stopping and then caressing his now bright red behind.

She released him from the bench and she took him to the sofa where they cuddled as he recovered.

Later that morning Olivia decided that he needed to suffer a little more. Julian was ordered to lean forward against one of the walls as she used her new flogger on his back and upper shoulders turning them into a nice shade of pink. She was watching his reactions carefully and stopped when he was breathing heavily and had a face that appeared to be totally content. Both Damien and I noticed this and realised she was reading the situation perfectly.

Over a leisurely lunch it was clear that apart from the final reckoning, There was little else for us to do.

We waited until about 3pm before Diane announced it was time for the final reckoning. I had considered that the number of failures by Julian had now risen to 25, but Olivia was firm that it was 31.

Olivia said “I will administer 31 cane strokes to your bum, and as a thank you to Charles and Diane, you will get a 5 bar gate on each of your sit spots.”

He was placed on the spanking bench again and Olivia very slowly and carefully applied the strokes to the still pink globes. Julian getting louder with moans of pain as the count rose and the strokes got progressively harder. When Olivia was finished his bum was had a series of clearly visible stripes.

He was released from the bench and she took him to the sofa. To her surprise Julian was at half-mast so she ordered “you have 5 minutes to get soft or else you won’t like what I will do.”

Julian’s cock did not go limp so Diane fetched a large bag of ice that Olivia placed right in his crotch. It took a few minutes before she was satisfied and quickly place a chastity cage on him saying “This cage stays on until you have given me an average of an orgasm a day for the next month which is 31 days. 16 of these must be using your tongue, the rest you can use whatever you want. At the end of the month, if you have failed then the cage will stay on. There will be no early release as I will not be holding the key. Fiona has the keys and she will not let me have them before then.”

He was about to protest when she continued “I will not be cruel, but I expect you to be more helpful with domestic chores and helping around the house. You will be expected to follow all reasonable orders. This is to become the new norm. Diane and Charles are available to confirm the fairness of what I expect you to do. After your release we will have a good talk about what happens after that. I, of course, in the meantime can make you more uncomfortable just by making you horny.”

Julian wisely said nothing but I could see it would take a little while for him to adjust. Although it was earlier than originally planned, it was a suitable time to let all of guests make their way home.

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4 Responses to Julian’s still tormented

  1. I hope we will read more about how the month went for Julian, if he managed to get out of the cage after it 😉
    Thanks once more for sharing your stories so generously.
    ~ Marie

  2. thelongbean says:

    Thanks for the comment,

    Next week will reveal the answer…..

  3. Posy Churchgate says:

    Dastardly plan, but I like the sound of it, and of course endorsed by their friends Gerry & Cheryl. Not being used to caning or other CP I thought 31 strokes seemed a lot, especially on the same day as a paddle had been applied, so that made me wince imagining it.
    Intrigued what happens next, must tune in next week!

  4. thelongbean says:

    Thanks Posy, This is a punishment weekend, so it may seem a little hard. Next week I hope you’ll be amused…..

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