Olivia is impulsive

It was two weeks later that we saw Julian and Olivia at the local pub with Gerry and Cheryl. Olivia was still looking good after her makeover. All four came over to us and Julian first thanked us for our time. He in a jocular fashion commented “although it was a tough weekend, the worst part has been Olivia deciding she needed to go shopping for what seems like a new wardrobe.”

She laughed, “Not quite, just a few small additions to be able to keep up my appearance. Any way I have been promised a load of new clothes on Friday, especially Lingerie.”

Diane raised an eyebrow and Olivia said “Damien rang me yesterday and said that the editor of Marie Claire magazine had noticed me at the exhibition and had enquired if I was available to model for a magazine spread. Damien asked what I thought. I immediately said yes subject to a suitable fee and that he would be the photographer.”

She continued “He rang back about an hour later to say that they had agreed to him being the photographer, that there would be a representative from the magazine at the shoot. They will have a stylist who would look after my hair and make up. They require shots in at least three different sets of lingerie and many more of an assortment of normal clothes and shoes. Any clothes I put on would be given to me as well as them paying £25,000.”

Julian interrupted “I have never known Olivia to be so impulsive. Normally she takes ages to make any decisions like that. I was surprised, but the makeover she had and what you did that weekend has changed her in a very good way. The money will more than cover what she has spent already and we should be able to create a small playroom as well.”

Gerry chipped in “Both of us have noticed a significant change in both of you. The change is very, very positive.”

Diane said “We are pleased to have been able to give you the little guidance we did.”

Olivia then said “Oh by the way I should have the key back from Fiona this week as he will have earned release by then if he keeps going as he has.”

Julian blushed when Cheryl asked “Oh has he been a bit naughty then?”

Again on impulse Olivia immediately replied “Not really. Sincesl103-bulk_732x750_317_325 we were here 2 weeks ago his cock has been caged and he was due to be locked up for a month, but he has already given me number 26 of 31 orgasms stipulated and more than half of them, 20, have been using his mouth.”

Cheryl added “Lucky you, I must admit since we were with Charles and Diane there has been a significant increase in the number of orgasms I have.”

I could see Julian getting embarrassed so I managed to move the conversation on to more mundane things.


Two months later we happened to see Julian and Olivia in the pub again. It was clear to us that as a couple they were clearly much more fulfilled and contented. The magazine spread had been a huge hit and Olivia commented “I’ve been inundated with offers, all but one of which I have refused. You would be amazed at what some people expect me to be prepared to do. I have accepted an offer to do another shoot with Damien. This time it is for a travel magazine and for one day’s modelling we get a week in a small hotel in Tuscany.”

Julian added “She is getting very decisive, even impulsive, in making these decisions. The travel one she had accepted for both of us and told me about it when I got home that night. Luckily I didn’t have any work booked for that week.”

Olivia’s face lit up with a smile as she said “I knew you didn’t as I checked your diary before accepting. In any case, we need a holiday as we haven’t been away together for 2 or 3 years.”

She then added “you will get an invitation in the next few days to another of Damien’s exhibitions. This time Damien says I am the only person featured, the rest are bits of his other work, which I found awesome.”

Diane said “Great, now that our jobs have changed we have a bit more free time, so it will be great to see some of his other work as well as you being the star of the show.”

Olivia blushed a bit at this comment “Yes, but if it was not for you two, and Julian being a little naughty it would not have happened.”

Julian interrupted “Don’t forget your impulsiveness in asking to be photographed that first time and your instant acceptance of Damien’s offers. I am delighted that it has been so successful and I take some of the blame for trying to control you too much in the past and I hope you continue to grow as a person.”

“I’m glad you think that way. I have been asked to work part time in a Bedroom Delights shop, but haven’t decided if it is right for me.”

“If you haven’t accepted the offer yet, based on your quick and impulsive decisions about other things it probably is not what you want to do. I will support you whatever you decide.”

Diane laughed “I didn’t know that the local shop was recruiting. Do you know the history of the chain?”

Olivia shook her head “No, all I know is was part of a department store group and that it is now a separate stand alone business.”

Diane asked “Is it the store in East Grinstead?”

“How did you guess?”

“Well, a quick history lesson is needed. 9 years ago I was a shop assistant for Bustards. After a chance meeting with Dee followed by an impulsive comment, who with her husband were in the process of buying the whole chain, I started working at head office. I was then asked after a few months to set up the Bedroom Delights department. It was so successful that it started to open small stand alone stores just like Ann Summers.”

She continued “Until a few months ago I managed the whole the Bustards chain including the Bedroom Delights stores. Dee did not want to sell sell it so when Bustards was sold it was set up as a separate company which I now run. As for recruitment, at the moment no new staff are allowed to be recruited without my permission.”

Olivia replied “Ooohhh, I hope my impulsiveness in mentioning it does not cause anyone difficulties.”

I laughed, “Don’t worry about that. Diane’s impulsive statement when she met Dee is what set her up on her business journey. Knowing her as I do, the manager will be reminded nicely about the recruitment freeze. You should also be aware that all staff go through an official training programme that is somewhat unorthodox as well and why it is such a successful business. Further the turnover of staff is one of the lowest in the retail industry.”


The following Friday.

Diane came home after work joined, to my surprise with Dee. She said “I hope you don’t mind I’ve asked Julian and Olivia to join us three for supper.”

“Well I had not expected it to be the three of us in the first place.”

“Oh you didn’t see my text then.”

To my embarrassment I realised I had missed the text.

Once we had completed the meal, Dee moved the conversation on. “Julian and Olivia,we previously met at dinner after the exhibition but did not chat much. Your comment last weekend to Diane resulted in us visiting the store. We found out that the manager was involved in some activities that would have been a much more major problem for us if they had been able to continue. As it is the Police are delighted to have caught a distributor of fake merchandise which was being stored and distributed from some unused storerooms above the shop. Olivia to thank you for your tip off, I would like to invite the two of you to come with me (together with Charles and Diane) for a few days in Switzerland in about three months, when I next visit my good friend Corrine. I will put you up in a hotel in the town that Corrine lives in. Also you may be invited, but do not have to accept, to join us in her very well appointed playroom.”

Olivia immediately said, whilst looking at Julian “We will be delighted to join you. Maybe we can be given the opportunity for some new experiences.”

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3 Responses to Olivia is impulsive

  1. It’s wonderful how being impulsive can lead to some really nice things, but also to find things that are not right. I love that Julian and Olivia are so happy after you helped them that weekend 🙂
    ~ Marie

  2. MrsK says:

    Olivia seems to really be getting the hang of this acting on impulse thing! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve read their story, but they seem to be coming along nicely 🙂

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